Skateboarding is still not a crime?
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Last weekend my son had basketball practice at a local College. It was a Sunday so I knew the school would be closed (thankfully, schools in NZ are never really closed are they?). I thought it would be quite good to skate while my son was in his lesson and my daughter could ride her scooter with me.

When we got there I noticed the obligatory “No Skateboarding” sign. It also indicated “No dogs” – fair enough, and “No Bicycles” – a bit weird I thought as a lot of students’ cycle to school. I guess what they mean is no riding bikes around the school grounds?

Anyway, like every other time I elected to ignore the sign, being a Sunday with no one around and all that.

Neve and I had a great time hooning around. The College has lots of smooth concrete and plenty of covered areas (we made a mental note for next time it’s raining!)

I got in plenty of practice pushing. That sounds weird I know, but since taking up skating again I’m still training myself out of pushing mongo. I also worked on my front-side 180 ollies. I usually pop them right round which sometimes results in over-balancing and I’ve always wanted to learn them with a revert so I can later learn front-side 180 kick flips.

The only downside I found with the College is that there isn’t really anything there that’s attractive to skaters. Apart from the nice smooth covered areas, the whole place is very flat with no stairs or ledges. I didn’t see anything good to slide or grind.

Skating Paraparaumu College

We saw one teacher there during our visit. They were with their young family and appeared to be unloading stuff from a car. They saw us, and I assume because I’m 41 years old with an 8 year old daughter in tow they didn’t object to our rule breaking.

It did make me think though, even with the previously mentioned lack of opportunity to damage anything through grinds, etc. I did wonder if they would have been as tolerant had we been a couple of 18 year olds?

If I think back to my younger days, people were generally pretty tolerant of skaters. If you weren’t doing anything to cause damage people generally left you alone. I don’t really think that’s changed. NZ is not like the US, where security ejects you the minute you’re spotted.

I think in NZ skateboarding is still not a crime.

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