My new skateboard setup
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So, I’ve been skating my current setup for about 8 months now I guess. It’s lasted incredibly well and I’ve been really impressed with the custom Realize branded deck I had made.

But as all things must change, I’ve opted to try something a little different.

Just to remind you my current setup is:

Realize 8.0” deck, Koston supa-grip, trucks, hardware, bearings and Chocolate Stout wheels.

My new setup I’ve put together is:

APART 7.75” deck, Mob grip, Koston trucks, hardware, wheels and Element bearings.

Apart skateboard complete

The deck is a little different to what I’m used to. I went down a size because I was finding the 8.0” a challenge to flip fast enough to land my flip tricks.

It has a flatter concave to what I usually skate – I usually go for the most aggressive concave I can find, with a really high kick and tail. The shape is a departure from my usual ‘popsicle stick’ with a tapered sharper tail, with the usual rounded nose.

After a few sessions, I feel like I’m starting to get used to this board. I’m starting to get more pop, the trucks are wearing in, and the wheels and bearings are nice and fast.

On a personal note, I’m getting more balanced and feeling like less of goof!

The first few sessions I had on this setup were awful! I had whack balance and could hardly get off the ground. I actually thought about quitting but glad I persevered. It probably didn’t help that I was testing some Warehouse $10 shoes and also wearing my helmet for the first time.

I’ll stop talking now! Have a look at my vid if you want more detail or want to see this and my previous setups up close.

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